Story of man, story of God – Casarello The Pope

The site – specific theatrical performance, Story of man, story of God – Casarello The Pope, was born from the collaboration with ArcheoCasarano Cultural Association for the project

“Touch Casarello”. The aim of the project is to promote the Saint Mary of the Cross Church, also known as Church of Casaranello. This beautiful Paleo- Christian Church is one of the oldest monument of Puglia, is the house of  many mosaics (dated X – XII century) and two late – Svevo cycles of paintings about the lives of Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Margaret.

According to the scripts, Pietro Tomacelli, Pope Pius  IX, was baptised in this church. After further research, Artéteca decided to create this piece where Bishop Sanfelice reveals to Bonifacio IX’s mother the future of her son, who will become pope. The story of Puis IX is told through the eyes and voice of a mother, a woman. The performance will take place in the Casaniello Church and some of the ancient painting on the walls will come alive, the stories of the two saints who used to live there will be protagonists again .Our mission is to keep to history alive through the method of the tourism theatrical. Join us to jump into the past!


We take bookings for groups- up to 50 participants, with additional guided visit of

Duration: 30 mins

Language: Italian and English


  • Saint Mary of cross Church Cesarano , Lecce
  • Baron palace, castles, monasteries, historical buildings
  • Available on request in hotels or historical house.