Magic in Soleto

In the small town of Soleto, the tallest building is the Raimondello Tower, a gothic spire dated around 1397.

For its unique style in Puglia, it inspired many legends during the centuries, making Soleto the city of Macari and Macarie, i.e. wizards and witches. Apparently, this town held a gathering of devils and witches to decide to build it. Arteteca loved all this stories and decided to bring Soleto’s magical past on stage with the name of Macaria Soletana, a site-specific theatrical performance.

In the piece, you will find a mix of real and surreal, movement and statism, history and legend. A dialogue who links different ages together, creating two unique characters. One of the character embodies the historical reality, Matteo Tafuri, a controversial doctor and philosopher. Known as the Socratis of Soleto, he has been unfairly accused of practicing of black magic.

The other character comes from the mystical background of Soleto, Grifone, a mythologic being with fire, magic and enchantments.

Arteteca uses the model of traditional performing arts in the tourism industry to give you the possibility to access to a past with devils, witches, wizard and a well know intellectual figure, as Matteo Tafuri.


We take booking for groups- up to 25 participants

Duration: 30 mins

Language: Italian and English



  • Soleto downtown (LE)
  • Baron Palace, castles and monasteries
  • Available on request in hotels or historical house.