Women of Lecce

Women of Lecce is the first site-specific theatrical performance by Artetéca, hosted at Faggiano Museum, where it’s possible to experience the historical layers of the legendary Lecce.

As for our first production, we had the desire of revealing the soul of Lecce through the history of the city . The streets of Lecce were named after a man from the past, from the history, but the truth is that behind those men there are beautiful, inspirational women, mothers and wives. This is the reason why we chose to tell the story of Lecce though the eyes and the voices of three of its daughters.

We chose three figures to give you access to the heart of the city. The sacrality of Saint Irene, first patron of the city deprived of her role by not one but three man, the love of Sibilla for the prince, whose father used all his means and power to put an end to it, and the power of a strong woman named Maria D’Enghien, a brave and resourceful queen.

You will be listening to the voice of Maria D’Enghien telling the story of the women forgotten by their time and with her you will discover the authentic soul of Lecce, a city we believe to be a woman, because of the grace of her architecture, her wisdom filtrated by the sunlight, little streets with almost no sound, her strength, her determination and mostly her beauty.

The Faggiano Museum is the stage of Women of Lecce. This magical location is the house of more than two thousands years of history, recently opened to the public. The discovery of this place is quite incredible. Everything started almost by chance when the property owner, was forced to break the floor of the house in order to change the sewer pipes that were causing continuous problems of humidity. It was precisely during such work that unexpectedly began to re-emerge the first archaeological evidences. It then continued with a long excavation works, lasted nearly 7 years. The love and devotion the Faggiano family put in this project is the same Artéteca group has invested to birth to life the unique work of bringing  theatre in the tourism industry.



We take booking for groups- up to 25 participants 

Duration: 30 mins

Language: italian, english


  • Faggiano Museum 
  • Baron Palace, castles and monasteries
  • Available on request in hotels or historical house.