The secret of “Anisetta”

Sometimes the story of a family or a place becomes the history of a country.

This is the case of De Giorgi Distillery at San Cesario of Lecce. In the last century, this area flourished with distillery business, but De Giorgi is the most important one and possibly the oldest. It was founded at the beginning of XX century and closed down in 1978. Nowadays the former distillery seems to be still living in that century, is well preserve and nearly intact thanks to the restoration. A beautiful example of industrial archaeology, De Giorgi distillery hides many stories of the world of the factories, the daily life of its many employees, who were lucky enough to have a job to support their family. The owner, Nicola De Giorgi, represents the prototype of the modern entrepreneur who was brave enough to design and create such a complex business. With the secret of anisette, Artéteca tells the story of a contemporary part of the history of Lecce. After much research and interviews from locals who still remember the facts of those years in detail, Artéteca tells the story from two opposite points of view, the owner and the worker, without changing the reality of those years. Join us to live those moments of history with the old walls and rusty machines that made the magnificent distillery. Artéteca uses the model of traditional performing arts in the tourism industry to give you the possibility of giving access to last century.


We take bookings for groups- up to 40 participants 

Duration: 30 mins

Language: Italian and English 


  • Former De Giorgi Distillery, San Cesaro of Lecce
  • Historical Building
  • Available on request in hotels or historical house.