Hypogeum fairy tales

The world of the fairy tales is the realm of fantasy and imagination, where time and space has no rules, where you can loose yourself or, eventually, find new meanings. People have been telling each other fairy tales  since ancient times. A very significant literature genre, fairy tales are present in all cultures around the world, as folklore of that particular country.

Artéteca wants to wear the magic glasses of the fairy tales to bring the audience to discover Puglia under a very unique point of view. This land has so many unwritten stories and legends and everybody should learn about them. Italo Calvino, well known contemporary Italian writer, author of “Italian folktales”, defines fairy tale as the catalogue of the destiny of man and woman.

Artéteca, with the project Hypogeum fairy tales , will take to an hypogeum oil mill to live this magic experience. The characters of the piece are white and gold fairies and rag dolls! Get ready be a fairy tale and feel the magic. Fairy tales are not only for the young ones, they were born to make the hard daily life of adults more pleasant and give the opportunity of access their imagination to get ready of the fatigue. Those tales changed during the centuries, changed their audience, but they never got lost. That’s why Arteteca wish to use this imaginary world to bring value to the folklore of Puglia and Salento.


We take booking for groups- up to 25 participants

Duration: 30 mins

Language: Italian and English


  • Hypogeum oil mill of Trapetum Cursi residence (LE)
  • Baron Palace, castles and monasteries
  • Available on request in hotels or historical house.