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The vision

Artéteca, in cultural tourism subset, designes and achieves site-pecific theatrical performances to be subsumed into tourist path, whom are known or new ones.
The name refers to a duality complex, the dialectal etymology means restlessness and the words composition of art and theca.
Artéteca is passion pushing to action, it is engine of every invention and foudation of every creative act, it is the agitation that prevents from sleeping peacefully because of unexpressed idea, when struggling to find the best way to express it.
Territory tales will be collected and preserved through language arts, chiefly the language of theater. We pursue this purpose by creating a new tourism orientation: theatrical tourism.


Tour operators

Artéteca offers a new experience of the territory that is participatory.

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Event and conference planner

Theatrical tourism is flexible and adaptable to any theme, it can enrich every event.

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Private companies

we are ready to offer our cultural products and our skills to all those enlightened businessman who want to offer their employees and clients a tailor-made narration of the places in which they operate or the history of their company.

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Public Administrations

Our group works close to local Salento realities area, more generally in Apulia, thus we are able to promote the territory in the most specific and original way.

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School system

We offer workshops to children and teenagers from 6 to 18 years. In addition to creative experiences we offer the possibility to explore, through workshop, the territory where they are based, creating a strong sense of identity.

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Cultural associations and private citizens

All persons can benefit from our cultural products getting a closer look to the place wherethey live with a new set of eyes.

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Theatrical tourism

Territory tales will be collected and preserved through language arts, chiefly the language of theater. We pursue this purpose by creating a new tourism orientation: theatrical tourism.
Our goal is to unveil to all travellers who arrive in Salento what each stone hides, the art and life of every corner, it is to ensure a unique unforgettable experience.
A land of millennial culture, its history and characters, will be narrated through the theater. Its places will be our scenography.
We strongly believe that theatrical performances can draw innovative itinerary to the tourism development of the territory, it can contribute to attract people in every season, because its primary and essential content is the widespread practice of the narration.
We need tales to build a future that belongs to an individual, to the community and the territory: this is what theatrical tourism means. Nothing is stronger than a narrative performance capable of showing the identity of a place, its true soul.
Salento is heading towards a new growth and cultural development. After an intense work of recovery and enhancement of its historical, artistic and archaeological heritage, today it needs to be recounted throughout the codes of its identity. Only combining narration with the development of sustainable tourism the territory will be able to tell its story outside.

the show is everywhere

Our Work

The Artéteca's theatrical tourism produces cultural products direct at supporting quality tourism.
Analysis of territory and its history will led to:

  • Tailored theatre performance experiences suitable for English and Italian;
  • Site specific shows;
  • Theatre Workshop of theatrical tourism path.

If scenic space is a place where, for the time of viewing, anyone enters another world, with Artéteca, once the show is over, anyone takes home a fragment of that world.
The journey experience will be unique because Artéteca theatre performances contact the archetypes of this strip of land.
Artéteca is supported by Regione Puglia, It is winners of PIN (Innovative Pugliesi), public tender investing in youth as a key to the development of Puglia.

The places


«A place is never just “that” place. That place is a bit of us. Somehow, without knowing it we took it inside … and one day by chance we got there.»
(Antonio Tabucchi)

Artéteca combines the soul of the places with those symbols and myths that are universal and therefore they speak to the traveler which is listening, enclosing in the history of one the history of many, in the history of one country the history of all countries of the world.
We tell the places and we dig, until the roots come to lights.
We search the places to stage performances among historic buildings, country courts, cathedrals, Byzantine crypts, museums, archaeological sites, historic companies. We collect evoked words from those places and put them on stage.



Our group is born from a journey, which for some of us have been a return and for others a need. Departing from Rome, where we formed culturally and professionally, rolling down the south, we were looking for a place where our dreams could flourish, we found Lecce, a city with a gentle soul and a thriving cultural climate, full of stories and colors to be narrated. Thus three people with different baggage but common aspirations, from a long private and professional knowledge, have found a home in a single project.

Concetta Brunetti

Concetta Brunetti


Artistic soul of Artèteca, she is an actress and theatre playwriter. In Artéteca she deals with historical research on texts, writing and staging performances.

Davide Corlianò

Davide Corlianò


He studied of the transformation of urban architectural models, will be responsible for creating a map of the places dedicated to the theatrical rewriting of the territory.

Davide Corlianò

Rita Giannuzzi

Costume Designer

Artéteca costume designer where she brings the experience and professionalism acquired in years of study and work. The historiographical analysis of costumes will be an important element at the base of our historical work.